The Trenchgun is a weapon available in the Franklin's Heroes weapon pack.


The Trenchgun is a weapon that can be picked up at supply crates. It behaves very similarly to the Shotgun, able to hit multiple zombies with one shot. The Trenchgun also has a bayonet on the front that allows the player to kill one zombie by simply running into it. (A bayonet icon is displayed next to the ammo count and will disappear when the bayonet is used.) When picked up, the Trenchgun holds 6 shots.

Unlock Requirements

  • Purchase it from the Franklin's Heroes weapon pack for $4.99 USD.
  • Purchase the Franklin's Heroes weapon pack bundle for $8.99 USD.


  • The Trenchgun counts as the Shotgun when completing missions. (Needs confirmation.)
  • The player won't drop the Trenchgun unless both the ammo AND the bayonet have been used.
  • The Trenchgun can only be unlocked by using in-app purchases.
  • Once the Trenchgun has been purchased, the Franklin's Heroes weapon pack bundle will no longer be available.

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